Childrens’ Evaluations of Instrumental teaching
“She praises me for doing good and it boosts my confidence.”
“He gives us stickers and if we complete a grade, a colour plectrum!”
“He gives us a bow at the end of the lesson and a score out of 10 (e.g. 9.7)
“He makes it fun by playing awesome songs, and his warm-up is really fun”
“My teacher took some time explaining things and asked us if we understood”
“He makes learning fun!”
“I think I’m getting better because Mr x is a great teacher!”
“He gives us fun songs, and makes up funny songs”
“She explains exactly what I need to do”

School Evaluations of Musical Mates service
“We always receive a very prompt response to any communication with Musical Mates.”
“We have received copies of all relevant documentation regarding instrumental tuition.”
“We received good advice regarding our charging policy, instrument audit and instrument loan agreements as well as manageable teaching group sizes for various instruments”
“Several of our tutors have commented that they found the professional development meetings with Musical Mates very useful, especially regarding safeguarding issues and lesson planning.”
“Chris came into school to encourage our Key Stage 2 pupils to take up clarinet and saxophone.”
“We have received copies of lesson observations of the staff we use in our school with relevant feedback.”
“Chris also gave us very good advice regarding the new ‘Importance of Music’ document and its implementation”
“We are now absolutely confident that all our music tuition staff are being effectively monitored and given guidance in good practice, for example, by using a standard lesson planning format.”
“Replacement tutors quickly found in any cases of absence.”

Peripatetic Teacher Evaluations of Musical Mates service
“Great communications by text and email, no problems getting information from schools through Musical Mates.”
“Half-termly meetings are a good chance to touch base.”
“Any queries dealt with quickly, Xmas party was very nice.”
“My ideas are received well by Musical Mates.”
“I appreciate the invoice system as have always been paid on time.”
“Response to emails always good and problems resolved quickly.”