Compose your own song and win free music lessons for you and your class for a whole year!!

Dear Children,

How would you like to win free instrumental music lessons, for your class, for a whole year?!  What’s more, the winner can choose (with the help of your teacher, of course!) which instrument/s you’d like your class to learn – to date, Musical Mates has taught whole classes the violin; chalumeau clarinet; recorder; guitar; ukulele, and even steel drums!   Read on to find out how to enter our competition….

We would like you to compose your very own song!  You have 3 options (your teacher/parents/carers could help you choose which option is most appropriate for you).  Please make it clear on your entry which option you have chosen:

1. You could write some new words to fit in with a familiar melody (possibly more suitable for Key Stage 1).

2. You could use some familiar lyrics but write your own melody to go with them (lower key stage 2?).

3. You could write your own words AND your own melody (upper key stage 2?)!

There are several themes you could explore:

a) Your words (lyrics) could portray all of the things/memories you associate with a particular season of the year;

b) Your words (lyrics) could be about how you feel about moving to the next year group or leaving school;

c) Or, your words could be about a different theme altogether (Love? Family? Poverty? Jealousy?)!

 To submit your song, you can either: write it out on music paper (manuscript); record it onto a CD/USB memory stick; or, email an MP3 recording (or a combination of any of these options).  Please Email us your song

Entries must be in by the end of the Autumn term.

Good luck! We are so looking forward to receiving all of your invented songs at Musical Mates!  We might even put the best ones on our website!