Services for schools

We work closely with each school to design a package that is individual to each school’s unique needs.  We offer in-service music training to meet your school’s and teacher’s individual needs.  Please contact us to arrange a, no obligation, informal meeting, about how we can help you develop music in your School. We also offer schools a free whole-school assembly, demonstrating different instruments, which helps to enthuse the children about learning a musical instrument.

All of our teachers / music tutors are quality assured; they are formally observed twice per year. We send the lesson feedback to every school the tutor is currently working in, for your records. Read more… 

Services we are currently providing for Schools:

  • PPA cover for National Curriculum Music;
  • Whole class music tuition, where schools can access funding from the hub (we currently have whole classes of children learning the Ukulele; the Guitar; the Violin; the Chalumeau Clarinet; the recorder and more);
  • Small group tuition in most instruments – we even have some children learning the Harp!
  • We have arranged a Special visit by the ABRSM for pupils to sit graded music exams – and nearly 100 % passed!
  • We have developed Music Awards for many instruments now (8 progressive levels to enable tracking of pupil progress);
  • We have facilitated a ‘swap shop’ of instruments between schools;
  • Whole class music technology work-shops (often Schools are using these to cover PPA too), where children are learning how to compose music using the iPads;
  • Music tutors have completed reports, to feed into the School’s already established systems;
  • After school clubs / lunch clubs - we are currently running after school clubs / lunch time clubs in all instruments;
  • School Rock band;
  • School choir;
  • School orchestra;
  • Musical theatre / Performing Arts / Drama / Glee club;
  • We regularly offer schools free whole-school instrumental demonstration assemblies, to boost the numbers of children interested in learning a musical instrument;
  • In Service training for school teachers – e.g. how to embed music in the Creative Curriculum; Composing music with your class using Garage Band; using music vocabulary in lessons etc.
  • We have organised whole school ceilidh dance workshops with the Virtual Rhythm.
  • We have loaned instruments to some Schools and pupils who cannot afford to buy them;
  • Letters prepared for Schools for all eventualities.

Statement of Intent

To deliver excellent service to schools;

  • To continually develop and improve the quality of teaching and learning in music through high quality CPD for peripatetic teachers; school staff and ourselves;
  • To monitor and quality assure all tutors working through Musical Mates, and give support wherever necessary;
  • To manage and help schools to track pupil progress;
  • To help schools manage their funds to enable their instrumental music provision to continue to sustain and grow;
  • To provide first access programs for schools, enabling whole classes to learn a musical instrument with funding from your music hub;
  • To work with schools to link their ongoing National Curriculum music to the first access programs we provide;
  • To help peripatetic teachers identify progression routes for all children learning a musical instrument;
  • To increase opportunities for children to perform in ensembles / orchestras / general performances;
  • To apply for the relevant funding streams so that all children (whatever their background) have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument;
  • To assist schools in establishing a choir;
  • To assist schools in embedding singing throughout the Curriculum;
  • To continue to develop and help raise the profile of music education in the North East, in partnership with schools;